Sunday, March 21, 2010


The Sidewinder is one of the rariest of the kyosho scorpion series models this truck shares the same chassis as the first scorpion buggy and the beetle there is only a few differences between the three models the body being the biggest change kyosho did not produce many of the truck models so they are very scarce.I have a few of these one of them is actually new in the box. This one seen in the pics has also never been run and is in perfect condition. SOLD!


  1. That car looks just like the Cox Sidewinder...even the red Cox symbol on the box looks the same...amazing that this is a Kyosho.

  2. The original Cox Scorpion and Sidewinder were sold under the Cox name in the U.S.A but they were desighned and made by Kyosho. Kyosho also sold under the Graupner as well.


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