Tuesday, April 3, 2012

What A great find!

My first 50.00 Kyosho Javelin is on its way the good thing is the cage looks better than the rest of the buggy after close inspection of the sellers picks it looks like the cage was never rolled unfortunetly the seller did not send a pic of the under carriage so I am not sure if the side guards have faired as well as the cage I will have to wait until its arrival.I already have a completed chassis for this cage as long as the condition is good the cage will get a new doner chassis if the condition is not to good I have some other crazy plans for this cage. I recieved the javelin and it was a very good surprise to find that it wasn't used much at all there seems to be an issue with the rear differential most likely do to a poor assembly at the time it was built a good cleaning and proper assembly plus a new set of tires and shocks and this would be shelf worthy. 

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  1. Nice! I just found a new built orange Javelin. I paid $150 for it and couldn't be happier!


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