Saturday, April 3, 2010


Thanks to a great guy Jeff Harris, I now have a complete NIB Turbo Optima Mid Special Conversion Kit which will stay unbuilt in the box. The box is in excellent condition no fading or discoloration, I always wanted an unbuilt conversion kit never really thought I would find one great piece. There was new info on the Kyosho Turbo Optima Mid Special that I wasn't aware of until now kyosho produced 2 different versions of this chassis 1st being the cf chassis OT-122 with 6 and 7 cell capacity and this one OT-128 which is only for 7 cell that if you look at the top left corner of the front of the box you will see the re-engineered for 7 cell decal the chassis material is also different than the 1st version. IF ANYONE HAS ANYMORE INFO ON THIS PLEASE INQUIRE. THANKYOU


  1. Nice one,i´m also looking for this kit.


  2. Thanks UltimaPro, I was very lucky to get this to find this kit untouched like this I thought would almost be impossible thats why I don't intend on building it.

  3. .
    Looks like someone had a good old rummage through this kit.
    The chassis should already be built up with both ball diffs and the upper chassis in place,and the rest of the components (two sets of yellow wheels with two different compound tyres, a set of gold shocks,front universal shafts,spur gear,bearing set and alloy front uprights) layed out in a red cardboard insert and covered in plastic.
    Can email you a photo of one,if you like.
    You might as well go ahead and use this kit-it's missing a LOT of parts and is also missing the card inlay and plastic top,so it's no use for display...

  4. I think your thinking of another kit, everything listed on box is present. This is a conversion kit not a complete buggy kit the other parts listed would have been an upgraded conversion kit or in a complete kit. regards,Chris

  5. Hello Chris !

    I wonder, with seven cells, is it possible to put the middle left column that supports the upper plate ?

  6. The build sheet shows that the left post is used on the 7 cell set up this chassis has a few extra holes compared to the 1st version.

  7. I have one of those, getting harder and harder to find.


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