Thursday, January 14, 2010


There original Vindicator Sprint Car Conversion Kit is back in production! You asked for it, we did it. Fine hand-crafted aluminum parts, made in the USA, turn your RC-10 into this awesome gambler style sprint car.

Vindicator shown with Outlaw Body

Vindicator shown with Lightning Body.

V100 Vindicator Sprint Car Conversion Kit

includes roll cage, rear bumper, nerf bars, brushed side panels, headers, front bumper, fiberglass chassis plate, and your choice of body style.


Order directly from the manufacturer or ask your local hobby shop for a Big Boy Toy.

Big Boy Toys

3419 Crest Drive

Bakersfield, CA 93306

(661) 872-5629

Put your competition in its place...

behind you!


V100 Vindicator Conversion Kit $199.95

includes: V110, 120, 130, 140, 150

160, 380, choice of 510 or 530.

V110 Vindicator Roll Cage 79.95

120 Rear Bumper 15.95

122 Double Bar Rear Bumper 24.95

130 Nerf Bars 23.95

133 3-Point Nerf Bars 23.95

134 3-Point Nerf Bar Mount 4.95

140 Brushed Side Panels 14.95

340 Louvered Side Panels 24.95

150 Headers 49.95

160 Front Bumper 4.95

162 Double Bar Front Bumper 23.95

380 Fiberglass Chassis Plate 32.00

680 Graphite Chassis Plate 68.00

510 Outlaw Body 22.00

530 Lightning Body 22.00
This is all I could find on the bbt vindicater as far as the company goes it states that they are still in business but you will not receive any reply from bbt.

Here is my BBT Vindicator sprint car project which I will be braking down and completly rebuilding this is the before pics I will up date as the build progresses

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