Wednesday, December 23, 2009


When I first bought this it was a complete nightmare but for the price I could not pass it up. I tore it down completely and cleaned all useable parts once the cleaning was complete I found that I was still not happy with the look of the parts. So I went a head and buffed an polished all aluminum parts once that was completed I noticed a glimmer of hope for this once scrap yard of a optima buggy. I started the re assembly of the newly cleaned and polished optima and found that I could not stop at just putting it together useing all the old parts. So I went to my optima parts bin and started adding all new parts to the newly polished optima and was very satisfied with the way the project was heading I then decided to go all the way with the polished aluminum theme so I striped the ano off of a set of option house gold shocks and polished the shocks as well. At this point I had the optima sitting on the work bench and looked up at one of my gold anniversary turbo optimas and thought to myself wow this thing would look great with a set of nerf bars that would really finish it off unfortunetly I didn't have any used nerf bars so I had to take a new set from my parts stash and strip the gold ano off of them I hated to do it but I needed to move on with the project so I finished stipping the nerf bars polished them up and assembled them to the optima. My first thought was WOW this thing looks awsome especially with the new black parts wow, but now that it looks so good I don't know if I can through a lid on it and cover up all of that beatiful polished aluminum. So  I am stuck at a cross road here with a body and paint.

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